Took Brian 20 years. Took Jason 30 minutes. WTF.

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I went on open mic night. The venue is a stripped down warehouse on haunted land surrounded by poison oak. A guy just finished singing a song about a grilled cheese sandwich, and now there’s a guy doing what’s clearly his first fire eating act. I think he’s got that disorder where he can’t feel fear. Very good show, would go again. ★★★★★
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Table of Contents
› 1:16 – vernon wand spin
› 2:59 – legs set alight, red hot irons
› 5:51 – blowing out a lit torch
› 6:25 – eating fire
› 7:35 – the hand transfer
› 9:16 – the enamel furnace
› 11:49 – fire juggling
› 13:43 – the tongue transfer
› 15:13 – twice the flame
› 17:37 – the human candle
› 21:07 – open mic night
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“Kensington” by Stan Forebee & Kyle McEvoy
“Sleepin” by Jhfly

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