How do we know what extinct animals looked like? Species preservation is our inside look into the anatomy and habitats of past species.

Turning Dead Animals Into A Dream Job ►►►►
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California Academy Of Sciences – Ornithology and Mammalogy
“96,000 birds, 28,500 mammals, 11,000 egg and nest specimens, and one of the world’s largest marine mammal collections, all helping scientists better understand these organisms and the threats they face.”

How Taxidermy Keeps Extinct Animals Around
“When a giant tortoise named Lonesome George died, his kind, the Pinta Island tortoises of the Galapagos, suffered the same fate as the unfortunate dodo bird: Both bird and tortoise were wiped off their island homes and into extinction.
But Lonesome George will be better preserved than any of the lone-gone dodos, which disappeared more than three centuries ago from Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.”

Conservation Genetics
“Destroying or changing habitats can endanger the animals, plants, and other organisms that live there. By effective managing these ecosystems, we can help preserve threatened and endangered species.”


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